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First HOPE

First HOPE (Housing Opportunities & Prevention Efforts) is a HUD-funded Housing First program which provides rental assistance and supportive services to individuals and families who are experiencing chronic homelessness. The Housing First model is nationally known as a best practice for housing the chronically homeless. 

Who is Eligible for First Hope?

A housing assessment is required through All Doors Lead Home to be eligible for the First Hope Housing Program. Individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Lincoln can access the All Doors Lead Home Coordinated Entry system by completing an assessment at any of the Public Door agencies (including Matt Talbot). A current listing of hours and availability is available on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Center for Children, Families, and the Law (CCFL) website.  

The All Doors Lead Home Coordinated Entry System is the City of Lincoln’s approach to organizing and providing housing services for people experiencing homelessness. Because housing resources are limited, this process is designed to ensure that individuals and families with the highest vulnerability, service needs, and length of homelessness receive top priority in housing placement.

Please note: We do not have programs that provide emergency or immediate housing like hotel rooms. If you need emergency shelter please contact People's City Mission.