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February's Nutrition News

Dignity Foods

Recently, my kids’ school celebrated ‘Dignity Day’. They offered this day of celebration in honor of the dignity bestowed on each human being and had events to practice serving one another with dignity. The Oxford dictionary defines dignity as “the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect.” Clancy Harrison, founder of Food Dignity links dignity - this worth of honor or respect - to food. She links dignity to not just any kind of food, but specifically healthy food containing nutrients that are vital to life. Food Dignity challenges the stigma around seeking food assistance as well as highlights the right and dignity of all to access to quality, healthy, nutritious foods. It seems one of the best ways to show a person their dignity and to serve them well is to provide them with high quality foods packed with nutrients that give life. February is American Heart Month where everyone, and especially women, are encouraged to focus on taking care of their cardiovascular health. Serve each Matt Talbot guests and yourself with dignity by trying these heart-healthy recipes provided by the American Heart Association.

Written by Emily Gratopp | Extension Educator in Lancaster County