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January's Nutrition News

January is the perfect time for both reflecting on past years and setting intentions for the year to come. Moments that give us pause and help us to reflect allow us to move into the future with purpose and can put a little extra ‘pep in our step’. The well-researched experiential learning cycle used in 4-H and Extension services boasts this coveted reflection phase and is the crux of deepening learning.

The reflection phase is also the space of choice. After reflection, a well-informed choice can be made about how to proceed into the future and which intentions to set. Health is a critical component of daily functioning and, thus, is often a subject of New Year's reflections and resolutions.

In addition to personal health intentions, what might be health-related reflections and intentions for volunteer meals at Matt Talbot? The volunteer-supported meals may provide the main source of healthy food for Matt Talbot guests. A simple reflection could be focused on the MyPlate. How many MyPlate food groups were represented in the volunteer-provided meals last year? Which food group did the guests enjoy most or provided the most enriching nutrients to the guests and families? Which food group(s) might be a focus to intentionally provide within the meals in 2024?

For more ideas for reflections and suggested intentions for healthier living and healthier volunteering 2024, check out the "New Year, New You: 4 Steps to a Healthier You" newsletter written by Extension Educator Kayla Colgrove.

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2024!

Emily Gratopp, Extension Educator in Lancaster County