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The Gift of a Second Chance

The gift of second chances!

This season of giving I can't stop thinking about a special gift offered to guests at Matt Talbot - the gift of second chances.

Our guests have complicated stories that include substance use, health issues, strained family relationships, and trauma. Some guests just made a mistake and didn't have the financial or family support to get back on their feet.

We are here as a compassionate community to offer a second (or third...) chance to those who are struggling. Our outreach & homeless prevention services help guests reset and get back on the path to stability so they can access other top items on their wish lists like nutritious food, employment, housing, and sobriety.

Your donation powers our services and provides second chance to people who need them. And, really, don't we all need them?

Anything is possible. Cheers to the season of second chances!


Alynn Sampson, MSW

Executive Director

P.S. We will be open throughout the holidays providing warm shelter, services, and daily hunger relief including special meals on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.