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December's Nutrition News

Winter holiday dinner table

Hello! Welcome to the new Nutrition News! Matt Talbot has partnered with Nebraska Extension to bring you a monthly article all about Food, Nutrition and Health. 

There is no better time than December to start talking about food - the holidays are upon us. Holidays can serve as a great reminder that food is more than simply a physical sustenance. 

Food can bind us. Human are wired for connection and often food is the means by which connection is fostered. Food can be a link to a memory of times of joy with people now missed. Food can be a source of comfort and the expression of identity and culture.

This holiday season, embrace food as a connector - of people, memories, cultures and even the mind, body, and soul. Be fully present - delighting in each bite and each exchange of smiles and words. Savor just the right foods and amounts with the right people to leave the body feeling nourished and the soul full.

May this holiday season be a time of rejoicing and rejuvenation for you and yours. Click here for healthy holiday tips and recipes!

Warm wishes,

Emily Gratopp