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New Shoes and a Grateful (and Healing) Heart

You can tell by the tone of his voice and the smile on his face that Tip is proud of his 50-year career in trucking. He started driving trucks for his Dad when he was a 16 year-old living in the Sandhills. When he was older he got his own truck, earned a good living, and enjoyed getting to travel across the country. 

He was financially stable. 

Tip and his wife decided to move to Alabama last year. After they got settled in their new home, Tip was on the road with his truck when his wife filed for divorce.

Then he got sick and had to have heart surgery. 

He lost almost everything, including his truck. He now has a part-time job and a place to live. He is getting by OK, but it’s been hard. 

Tip comes to get a meal at Matt Talbot from time to time and appreciates the community as much as the food. While here in January, he heard about the foot clinic and was able to get a new pair of tennis shoes which were needed for the heart rehabilitation program that he does three times a week.

“The shoes fit perfectly and I got them at just the right time. I didn’t own a pair of tennis shoes and you’ve really got to have them for the rehab. This place has been a blessing to me.”