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Food Waste in the United States

As the United States, you would think that we have enough food for all of our residents, right? The answer is yes, but did you know that there are still 38 million who face hunger in the United States. Each year, 108 billion pounds of food is wasted in the United States. That is nearly 40% of all food in America. Here at Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach we are doing our part to help with local food waste. We are partnering with several local restaurants and grocery stores to help distribute high quality food that otherwise would be thrown away. Some of our local partners are Chick-fil-A, Panera, Mercato, Costco, and Whole Foods. By receiving this food and distributing it to our guests and using it in our Hunger Relief Program we have been able to provide thousands of additional meals to our guests. In the month of March alone, we have been able to provide over 8,000 additional meals on top of what we provide from our Hunger Relief Program. We hope to continue to grow and partner with other local resources in 2022. If you know any local restaurants or stores who would be interested in partnering with MTKO please contact Victoria O'Neil at 402-817-0623 or (