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Slice of Life from Matt Talbot

Matt Talbot's C.A.R.E program (Counseling, Advocacy, Referral, Evaluation/Education) provides Alcohol & Drug Education classes, Substance Use Evaluations & Counseling, Pre-Treatment Groups and Weekly AA Meeting to help those who struggle with effects of alcohol and drug abuse. An individual who received assistance from this program recently reached out to a staff member to thank Matt Talbot for helping her on her recovery journey. She informed a staff member that she is proudly more than 200 days clean and sober. She is in an addiction recovery class and once she reaches a year of being clean and sober her goal is to do peer support. She also works full time and volunteers to serve dinner once a month at a homeless services organization. Stories like these are encouraging to Matt Talbot, and hopefully other individuals as well! Click here for more information about Matt Talbot's substance use program.