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Updated Mission and Core Values

Nearly 30 years after it was founded, Matt Talbot is pleased to announce an updated mission statement and core values, developed by staff and the Board of Directors and approved at their annual retreat this fall. The updated mission states that Matt Talbot will serve the needs of Lincoln’s working poor and homeless by relieving hunger, overcoming homelessness, addressing addiction, and providing outreach and advocacy. Matt Talbot’s vision remains the same:  Defeat hunger and homelessness. Restore hope!

Our core values are:

Integrity: Being honest, ethical, and accountable in all interactions

Dignity: Honoring the value, humanity, and sacredness of each individual

Empowerment: Removing barriers and providing resources to help people feel confident and courageous in making their own decisions

Compassion: Loving acceptance and seeking to genuinely understand and help alleviate suffering

Inclusion: Creating an environment where people are respected, supported, and have a sense of belonging

Diversity: Valuing differences and welcoming people of all races, genders, religions, ages, abilities, sexual orientations, and economic levels

Matt Talbot has experienced significant growth in the past ten years, expanding staff and programs to comprehensively serve more people through substance use service, homeless diversion, and housing. A recent strategic planning process resulted in goals focused on strengthening existing infrastructure, developing data collection processes to assist with prevention activities, and enhancing communication efforts.    

“I am honored to work with a board of directors and team who are committed to our mission, vision and core values,” said Susanne Blue, Executive Director. “The future of Matt Talbot is bright with our strong leadership and dedicated staff.”