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Volunteer Spotlight: Sister Chicks

Volunteer Spotlight: Sister Chicks

Meet the Hunger Relief Team, Sister Chicks, our June Spotlight Volunteers.

This team started in November of 1998, and are nearing their 20th anniversary. Current Sister Chicks are,Ann Kirk, Barb Havel, Carol Podwinski, Deb Schulte, Diane Belschner, Denise Ackerman, Doris Schueth, Flo Hendricks, Lindsey Deitering, Mary Merritt, Mary Curran, Miki Hood, Natalie Schreiter, Sally Morrow, Sharon Baumert, Shirley Kottowitz, Sue Wilkinson, Wanda Korensky, and Ursula McLaughlin. Kathy Finegan, a past member, was the person who came up with the Sister Chicks name  and Ursula’s sister-in-law had an embroidery machine and put the name on her apron. Since then we’ve known them by no other name. Their famous white sauce that they make every 4th Friday of each month was also found by Kathy Finegan.

“We have about 20 people in our group and everyone has commitments so its good to have a good number to backup our Sister Chicks,” Ursula stated. “I cannot tell you how often our group will say it is such a privilege to serve at Matt Talbot. They feel so good about being able to do this for all the guests. They have said it makes them go home and realize how thankful they should be about what they have in their lives. The Matt Talbot staff is amazing and is there when we need questions answered and support. As a group we would like to wish Matt Talbot a Happy 25th anniversary!! Thank you for letting us be part of this wonderful organization. (((((HUGS))))) from all of us.”