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New on the Blog: Planting Seeds of Hope

Carly’s story reminds me of spring. It’s inspiring and hopeful but starts in a dark season.

Seventeen years ago Carly was a single mother with three daughters ages 3, 14 months, and a newborn. After spending extra days in the hospital with her newborn due to complications, Carly arrived home exhausted and discovered she had an eviction notice. Struggling with post-partum depression and with little support, Carly and her children were facing a crisis.

Thankfully a visiting nurse stopped by to check on Carly and quickly assembled a team of people from multiple agencies to help Carly find safe shelter for her family and get back on her feet. A housing case manager from Matt Talbot worked with Carly to set goals and enroll in life skills classes and other programs to accelerate her ability to find housing. Within 4 months, the family was under the same roof again.

Carly has worked hard for the last 17 years to give her daughters the stability, safety, and structure that she lacked growing up. Today Carly owns a growing barbershop at Von Hair, is married, active in her church community, and passionate about giving back. She even volunteers to give haircuts at Matt Talbot and loves listening to people’s stories and sharing her own as she cuts hair.

Carly’s renewal didn’t happen overnight, or even in one season. But those seeds of hope planted 17 years ago continue to grow and blossom in her life and the lives of her children. I’m so proud that Matt Talbot was part of her story.