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Important Updates

As is typical during the summer months, we are seeing more guests for meals. Our numbers are rising to the point that we often aren't able to finish the first servings during the one-hour meal period. To address this situation, we are suspending second servings on a trial basis beginning June 3rd. This will be an adjustment for staff, volunteers, and guests - so everyone's assistance is appreciated!

In addition, during the lunch hour, we are going to implement a cut-off time of 12:35/12:40 pm. If a guest is in line for a first serving and the cut-off time has arrived, they can remain in line. To start, staff will be supervising the line explaining that lunch ends at 12:30. We will never turn away anyone from eating, but we do need to respect our Hunger Relief Team's time. We will make sure that there are sack lunches in the walk-in cooler to distribute to individuals who missed lunch. (This is not taking the place of seconds, it is only for individuals who missed the meal).

The multiple-meal policy will remain the same. Guests still need to check in with Outreach to receive a card for more than one meal to go and will need to wait until noon or 6:00 pm to get those meals.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for all you do!