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Cleaning & Closing procedures for the kitchen & dining room

  • Clear off tables. Clean tables and seats of each chair with spray sanitizing cleaner & clean towel.
  • Stack chairs on carts (25 chairs per cart).
  • Clean all countertops in food prep, drink and serving areas using spray sanitizing cleaner. 
  • Drain all three coffee carriers. If coffee is left overnight, it tends to leak out all over the floors.
  • Empty all trash cans from the kitchen, dish washing room and dining room into the outside dumpster. Please be sure to re-line all garbage cans. 
  • Empty both blue recycle bins into the outside recycle dumpster.
  • Break down all cardboard and place in the outside recycle dumpster.
  • Sweep the kitchen floor.
  • Place all used towels into the hamper.
  • Check to make sure ALL APPLIANCES ARE OFF. (Detailed list on the back of daily report). 

For evening and weekend teams, check to be sure the exterior doors are locked.