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Matt Talbot Awarded Grant for Landlord Liaison Project

Matt Talbot Awarded Grant for Landlord Liaison Project

We are excited to announce that the Lincoln Community Foundation has awarded Matt Talbot a grant of $10,000 to support the Landlord Liaison Project (LLP). The LLP forms partnerships between property managers, consumers and case managers to address the critical need of finding quality affordable housing for people experiencing homelessness. This type of program is considered a best practice for ending homelessness and has been successfully implemented in other parts of the United States. Matt Talbot’s LLP started in 2016 and is coordinated by Retha Knapp, Housing Locator.

To date, 119 individuals (representing 67 households) have been assisted through the LLP and we have a network of 35 engaged landlords. Of the 119 people housed through the LLP, 95 are still housed (80% retention rate).

“When individuals and families are stably housed, they are in a much better position to address the matters that may have contributed to their homelessness such as health concerns, substance use and employment,” said Susanne Blue, Executive Director. “The LLP has proven to be a key component in our efforts to defeat homelessness in Lincoln and we are very grateful for the Lincoln Community Foundation’s support of this critical program.”