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Pre-Treatment Groups

Matt Talbot Offers New Program for Individuals on Wait List for Substance Use Treatment Programs

Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach is offering a “pre-treatment” group starting in April 2019 for adult men and women who have had a substance use evaluation and are awaiting admission to a treatment program. Homeless and near homeless individuals will be prioritized. Groups are facilitated by a licensed or provisionally licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor from Matt Talbot. The group is open ended and will be held two times per week (Tuesdays at 12:30 pm and Thursdays at 10 am).

The goal of the group is to prepare individuals for treatment, keep them motivated to enter treatment, facilitate communication with treatment facilities and ultimately increase the number of individuals who start and complete treatment. Counselors at Matt Talbot will provide weekly updates to treatment facilities and provide substance use testing as needed. This is a free service.

The pre-treatment group is part of the Substance Use Program at Matt Talbot called CARE (Counseling, Advocacy, Referral, Evaluation/Education). Through the CARE Program, Matt Talbot provides alcohol and drug education classes, substance use evaluations, counseling, case management and weekly AA meetings to help those who struggle with the effects of alcohol and drug use. For more information contact Substance Use Program Coordinator Clarence Grendahl, LADC at or 402-817-0614.