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“It is Constancy that God Wants” ~Venerable Matt Talbot

Matt Talbot wrote on scraps on paper and in books. This image is a scrap of paper with one of his famous quotes: "It is contancy that God wants."

Although Matt Talbot never wrote more than one short letter in his life, he did write on scraps of paper and in books. This title quote is one by Matt that is often repeated. It resonates with me. I think it is what Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach is all about. Whether it’s the constancy of a remarkable volunteer program providing hunger relief 365 days a year or constancy of a dedicated staff and board providing life changing services. Our constant presence and source of nourishment and hope is what makes our organization so impactful.

This month is all about Give to Lincoln Day for area nonprofits. It is an amazing month full of generosity and inspiration. We see and hear about all the wonderful work being done to support the quality of life of our community members and its most vulnerable citizens. It has become a constant in the spring that brings hope and tangible help to the nonprofit community.

Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach is so grateful to participate in this annual event. The funds raised support services year round. They allow us to alleviate hunger, overcome homelessness, address addiction, and provide outreach and advocacy. They bring about stories, many of which you will hear over the course of the month, as we highlight some of our successes and the resiliency of our clients. 

This wouldn’t be possible without your constant support. Like Matt Talbot we know that its constancy that God wants. Compassion, persistence, and perseverance are the hallmark of our mission. We never give up on the belief that change is possible. As hard as times can be, we must never lose faith. We can only imagine what some of our guests have gone through - the helplessness and the worry. But we try to give them something more powerful. We give them bold hope and love. Love never fails. It’s constant.

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