Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach

We have an immediate need for bug spray for our homeless guests.   Any donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

All donations can be brought to Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach at 2121 N. 27th St. Lincoln, NE, 68501. Feel free to contact Joy Blythe ( or (402) 477-4116) if you have specific questions on how you can help.

Basic Needs Packet

Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach provides Basic Needs Packets to our working poor & homeless guests.  These ziplock bags, or packets, contain any of the following items: disposable razors, trial sized shampoos and conditioners, several band-aids, a comb, soap, tooth paste, tooth brushes, nail clippers, socks, or gloves.  Your volunteer group can assit MTKO by putting together the packets or donating items that can be put in the packets.  MTKO Staff hands out these packets as needed, so all donations for this purpose are accepted and appreciated!

Community Outreach Needs

Garden Materials for Grounds Beautification and Maintenance

Kitchen Needs

Office Supplies & Staff Projects