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John’s Hope for the New Year

Life has been a struggle for John ever since his wife of 17 years, Elizabeth, died in 2013. He is currently homeless, working at a restaurant and trying to get back on his feet. He makes his way to Matt Talbot every day because “it feels like home” and he can get the help he needs.  John’s most recent challenge occurred when he went to sleep one night not realizing that one of his shoes was wet. He woke up with frostbite and had to spend 3 days in the hospital.

For John, life stopped when his wife died and now he is working to pick up the pieces so he can once again have a quality of life that all people deserve.  He is thankful for Matt Talbot because the staff are helping him rebuild his life and “get it done right” this time.

John’s hope for the New Year, and ours, is that his life can begin again.

Donate today to help John, and others like him, find possibilities when things seem impossible.

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