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8/1/20: Garlic Season

8/1/20: Garlic Season

It’s garlic season here in the Hope Garden at Matt Talbot!  We did harvest some beauties out there. The picture shows two heads of garlic - the one on the top is a good-sized “normal” head and the one on the bottom is baseball-sized! 

Garlic is so good for you; it contains phytochemicals that are anti-inflammatory and have high antioxidant capacity as well as strong anti-microbial activity.  It can lower blood lipids and blood pressure and help prevent cancer.  In addition, research is being done with its possible role in treating cancer as well.  One of the main phytochemicals in raw garlic is alliin.  This is converted into allicin with chewing, cutting or chopping and is responsible for part of the pungent odor we smell when we cut into a clove of garlic.

But not only is garlic good for you, but it tastes good, too. Try roasting a whole head of it and then squeezing the delectable result onto potatoes or other vegetables, bread, pizza or fish .