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Cooking Classes

Due to COVID-19, all cooking classes are temporarily suspended. If you have any questions, please contact Matt Talbot Nutrition Coordinator Janet Buck at 402-477-4116 or

Kid's CAFE Cooking and Gardening Classes

Kids Garden & CAFE (Children and Food Education) classes are held year round for elementary aged children. In these classes children learn about good nutrition and health, as well as gardening. Classes are held at Matt Talbot during the summer and at Cathedral School during the school year. The classes promote good health and nutrition, as well as teaching some basic cooking skills. The participants are always proud of their creations and often try fruits and vegetables they may never have eaten previously.

Adult Cooking Classes

Four-week long adult cooking classes are held on Wednesday afternoons in the Matt Talbot dining room and kitchen. Participants prepare a complete meal containing all food groups at each class. Through these classes, guests participants learn how to use healthy produce from Hope Garden to make nutritious, tasty, and low-cost dishes. They love the delicious results and are excited to learn new skills and how to use some common and not-so-common vegetables and herbs.