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STRIVE Program: Jump on Board!

This program was started at MTKO in July of 2015 and the objective is to provide and prepare  more nutritious meals for our guests.  Many of the people that depend on MTKO for meals have health issues related to their dietary intake.  These can include obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and sleep apnea.  WELL, in 2019 our goal is still the same.  If dietary intake can create some of these health issues, then changes to the dietary intake can improve many of them or prevent them in the first place. 

The STRIVE guidelines are:

1. Seasonal (or frozen) fruits and vegetables will make up half the plate.

2. Only lean meats will be served.

3. At least half the grains served will be whole grains.

4. Fat-free or low-fat calcium-rich foods will be offered.

5. Food served will be low in sodium.

Is your team ready for the challenge, or are they already there?  Simple changes can do so much to improving our menus.  Ideas are low-fat 1% milk, 100% whole grain breads, fresh fruit or yogurt for dessert, lean proteins, and serving 1st only, no 2nd servings.  For ideas for main dishes that follow the guidelines, please refer to the recipes that you can find in our monthly newsletter.  They are located on the page with the USDA inventory.  They can also be found on our website, 

Remember, comfort foods are a short term pleasure, but good health can last a life time.