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Savor Summer with Sweet Corn Recipes!

Savoring is the practice of being fully present and absorbed in a moment and letting that moment linger. It allows for the body’s senses to become fully engaged in the moment. This practice has long been associated with positive mental health and resilience. Research has found that savoring deepens enjoyment and well-being, and bolsters moods by emphasizing positive and pleasant experiences. There are many ways to practice savoring in the summer - from fully feeling the sun and breeze on one’s face and deeply hearing sounds of nature, to tasting the freshness of food only available in the summer season in Nebraska.

A popular food that is perfect for savoring in the summer is sweet corn. Sweet corn can be abundant in Nebraska in the summer months and is an excellent source of fiber which aids in digestive function. Try to secure some fresh sweet corn for yourself and Matt Talbot's guests this July and practice savoring it. Fresh sweet corn’s tasty aroma can be savored along with the juicy pop and crunch, which is more pronounced than store-bought canned and frozen corn.

There are many ways to prepare corn on the cob and even more ways to eat it - from directly on the cob to cutting it off the cob to mix into a variety of dishes. Click here to find more information about the best ways to select, store, and use corn on the cob. A favorite recipe is the Three Sisters Salad from the Indigenous community which includes three vegetables that are planted together because they support each other's needs and successful growth: corn, zucchini, and beans. 

Enjoy Savoring Summer!

by Emily Gratopp, MS, ACC, ACTC, Assoc Extension Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln