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Recycle Policies and Procedures

Recycling at MTKO just got easier!

We are going to a Single-Stream Recycling System where all paper, cardboard (clean and dry), plastics, metals, and other containers are mixed in one recycle area. Starting on Friday, July 27th both blue recycle bins inside the kitchen and one large dumpster outside the kitchen will hold all of our recycled materials. No more sorting! We will still have a BIG dumpster for all non-recyclable garbage. Please refer to the information on our recycle bins for what can be included (we can now recycle our glass, Yeah!).

Reminder about cardboard: All cardboard should be recycled. ALL CLEAN AND DRY CORRUGATED CARDBOARD MUST BE RECYCLED STARTING APRIL 1, 2018, as per Municipal Code 8.32.040. This includes pizza boxes with grease stains but no solid food waste.

Food Waste: Remember we have compost bins east of the garage. All food scraps from meal preparation should be put into this compost.