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MTKO's Emergency Action Plan

The Emergency Action Plan is plan posted on the east side of our reach-in freezer in the kitchen and on the east side of the main stairway near our guests’ laundry room. You can also find our action plan on pages 24, 25, & 26 of our “Volunteer Reference Manual”.

Here are the designated shelter areas with maximum capacities (all areas are all posted):

- The men’s and women’s restrooms off the dining room (20 people each)
- The laundry room off of the dining room (10 people)
- The men’s & women’s restrooms in the outreach area (5 people each)
- The stairs to the basement and the basement of the library (100 people)

Remember that there is an Emergency Supply Kit located on the bottom shelf of the metal rack just inside the dining room door in the food preparation area of the kitchen. It includes flashlights, First Aid supplies, and a radio that has a hand crank if needed.

Stay safe!