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Free or low cost food available from Food Bank of Lincoln

MTKO and the Food Bank of Lincoln would like remind Our Hunger Relief Teams that food is available for MTKO meal prep at the Food Bank, and much is at no charge!

MTKO tries to keep a good inventory of canned fruits and vegetables, pasta, and pasta sauce in our pantry for teams to use when preparing meals for our MTKO guests.  However, did you know you can order direct from the Food Bank? 

Here is a sample of USDA foods that are currently available at no charge:  green and yellow split peas, kidney beans, brown rice, cranberry juice, garbanzo beans, instant potatoes, macaroni and cheese, canned pork, mixed fruit, navy beans, orange juice, peaches, peanut butter, pears, pecan pieces, fresh plums, pork chops, canned potatoes, rice, spaghetti, walnut pieces, great northern beans, dried cranberries, and mixed vegetables.  They also have USDA milk at no charge. Other food can be purchased for as little as $.14 a pound. The Food Bank will also be getting large supplies of USDA fresh fruits and vegetables through November which will also be at no charge.

If you are interested in more information about placing orders with the Food Bank, please call or email Sydne ( or 402-817-0622).  It’s a great way to reduce your MTKO meal bill and support our local Food Bank.