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Check for "Saved" and "Lost" Items

The kitchen has a couple of house cleaning tasks for our Hunger Relief Teams.

  • The “Saved Items” side of the pantry has collected many odds and ends during the past year. Some are marked "save" and some not. If your team could take some time and go through what you have left in this area and mark what you need saved, it would help keep our pantry organized and make room for other teams to save food items for their meals.
  • There are many “left behind assorted items” in our volunteer coat room. Each time the kitchen staff finds something left behind by a hunger relief team, we place it on the shelf in the coat room. Please take a couple of moments to go through this area next time you are at the kitchen and take what you may have left behind.  Anything remaining in this area on the 1st of April will head for our give away table.