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Additional Reminders for Kitchen Volunteers

  • Check for open ketchup, mustard, salad dressing, butter or margarine in the refrigerators before opening new containers.  
  • Do not freeze food in the stainless steel serving pans (we need those for the next meal!). 
  • When using the braising pan, collect your grease in a large metal can and place the can in the reach-in freezer. Once it has set up, we will get it to the dumpster for you. Do not dump grease down the floor drain under the braising pan. 
  • Our only cleaning crews are the hunger relief teams so thank you for helping to keep our kitchen clean! Make sure to clean the following areas: braising pan, sink by the coffee maker, sinks on the east wall, spills of food & liquids on stainless steel shelving, and refrigerators.