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Team Roster and Team Menu

Which meal does your team serve?
What day of the week does your team serve?
Which week of the month does your team serve?
Which months does your team serve?
Check which box describes the activities of your team.

Some Volunteer Teams provide the same menu each time they serve, while others alternate menus or change their menu altogether each month.  Please provide specific menu items your team serves.  If your team varies the menu each month, please describe in general how your team discerns which food items you will serve.

If you would like information about using food from the Food Bank for your menu, please contact Sydne Wirrick-Knox at 402-817-0622 or email to


Please include all team members’ information. If you include your team members email addresses, they will begin receiving kitchen updates regarding large food donations, increase in the number of meals and other timely information. Your team members can also access the monthly Volunteer News on our web site,  If you have any questions, please call Sydne Wirrick-Knox at 402-817-0622 or email to