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9/1/18: Fall Garden

9/1/18: Fall Garden

Did you know that it’s possible to plant vegetables in your garden so that you can have a fall crop of fresh vegetables?  Once the cooler days of fall are here, it is possible to re-plant some of the veggies that prefer the cooler weather.  And you will likely have fewer problems from insect pests at this time of the year. There is nothing quite like having a fresh salad or some peas from your own garden in October.  Some of the vegetables that you can plant to harvest in the fall include some root vegetables like radishes, beets, turnips, celeriac, parsnips, and green onions.  You can also plant some of the cabbage family veggies like cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, and cauliflower, although you might be more successful with transplants of cabbage and broccoli. You can plant greens like lettuce, spinach, arugula and collards.  There are also crops like beans and peas that can do well in the fall.  And some vegetables that you may have had all summer, like Swiss chard and kale, really take off again when the weather cools.

In order to determine the dates to plant these seeds, look at the package for information about the length of time it takes them to produce.  Determine when the average first frost date is for your area; here in Lincoln it is now Oct. 10.  Work backwards from that date to see when you should plant your seeds in order to get some produce from them.  The cabbage family crops grow slower in cool weather so you might add a couple of weeks to their growing time in order to actually get a crop from them.

Here at Matt Talbot we have some seeds planted and most of them have germinated already.  We looking forward to having some lettuce, radishes, and carrots in a salad.  We might have some fresh beans, peas, beets, and kohlrabi as well.